Don't u walk away...!

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

The Hypergoth! Afterlife

Hamilton says he'll be taking an extended hiatus after the Christmas release of Hypergoth!, to get himself in the right mental space for being free again. Apparently, everything of him is behind his institutionalized music except him. Which is okay. He needs to find the "him" he speaks of, because the music is BANGIN'!.

In the meantime, he set up a Bandcamp page (, and that is where you can find his music recorded since being put this program (Christ Centered Ministries; hope he's doing okay...).

As far as DOOM Williams!, "look for him. He's out there". Will we get more DOOM Williams!? "Likely not. All that needed to be said has been said."

We hope to hear more from The Talented Mr. Hamilton. 

"...and I won't stop abusin' it!!!"


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