Don't u walk away...!

Thursday, November 2, 2023

The Talented... Diaries

As a DJ, I give the listener EVERYTHING. I don't leave them wanting more. I literally give them an overdose of song. I say this, because I'm listening to my latest mixes (with the golden Pioneer DDJ). There is room for mystery, but again, no one knows who I am. Or they don't think I am who I really am. So there's that. 

Speaking of my Gold Pioneer, I may have to switch back to Numark. Pioneers always short out on me. I do use a lot of force, and equally as much magic and energy. I recommend EVERY DJ try to balance themselves out through magic. Then again, don't. That's my thing. I know what I'm doing, even though it's never been done before.

Sorry for the delay in posts. I been cratedigging and creating. The Talented Mr. Hamilton has been producing for Hamilton, Charles all summer. You can check out the music here. Songs and instrumentals alike. I think I like producing as #ThTlntd.

More to say, more to be seen, more to come.

"...and I won't stop abusing it!"

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