Don't u walk away...!

Monday, December 28, 2020

The Firm of #TheMischievous


An album of CH #NuEra love songs.

The first full-length project from #CHJrEsq.

#Jr.'s final album, Charles Hamilton's first solo-independent {..._...} retail release.

Underneath the water.

"...and I won't stop..."


 Vampire Music/Nu-Hop

Music's Spokesperson

dead funk

Evil Classical



Jamaican Rock

Irish Reggae

These are the genres of The Hamilton.

And they all belong to oneOne.

The Hamilton Sound is evolving.

More details[,] soon.

Shouts to the whole Columbine Gang crew.

Let's ride out...

"...and I/and I..."

Thursday, December 3, 2020

#Jr.'s been ON FIRE!!!

Jr.'s Playpen is the hottest playlist on YouTube, and, quite franky, in modern music, online.
The only other heat is on my iPod.

I can't wait to do this set for y'all.

When the world heals, I will be behind #TheWheelsOfFortune.

In front of you.

One time, y'all...

"and I won't stop..."

How to spin.

The debate continues: get a deck, or spin with just my laptop? I recently rocked a house party with just my laptop. Scratches and all. But I...