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Thursday, May 25, 2023

DJing for StarChasers

 So, The Talented Mr. Hamilton is my DJ name. I love to do it, and it loves me back (in turn). But I'm a #PsychedelicDJ. Meaning, I'm not always within the algorithm of rhythm. I'm like iTunes on shuffle. But I can rock a party. 

The last thing I want to do is let a StarChaser down (wipes Tanea's tears).

StarChaser Matteo ordered and sent me a brand new Roland DJ-202, of which my computer is too obsolete for. And I don't have enough memory on my computer (MacBook Pro, 2020) to download and install the necessary upgrades. As of now, I donated it to the halfway house I'm in. But it may come down to me simply using VirtualDJ and a mouse. I feel like it's breaking some sort of ground to do so. There is footage of me DJing. Self-recorded and fan-filmed. But it's a whole experience. A vibe, if you will. It's just, I send out vibes with the music. So it's a bit more than A vibe.

Pardon me for sounding pretentious. 

"...and I won't stop abusing it!"

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