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Saturday, April 11, 2020

Drops and releases

I have plans to drop a few projects.
My recent move is to see which projects garner the most critical attention (via fans and publications) and stream those.
I've been asked to released several projects from 2008-09 on streaming; and that's cool.
But some of them... aight.

I felt weird about dropping "...Awkward" on streaming, because I wasn't trying to get hot off Rihanna.
That was for her.
That was my gift to her.
For it to be what it can be, FOR her, TO her, and through music.

That's me on my soapbox.

I have plans to drop a few projects.

These are more in the direction I wanted to go in, just more mature and, dare I say, groovy.

Moving to them is completely up to you.

Could drop on 4/20.

I also might go live.
My anxiety is making going live even more difficult.
I don't like to be seen, but I want you to see the spooky shit I do.

I spook myself sometimes.

Keep groovin'.

...and I won't stop abusing it.


  1. Sounds awesome, the new stuff has been so good too. Always amazed at how you can create new sounds so freely. Also im aware my opinion means little but on the topic of anxiety, I would say that NO ONE can do what you do and not that many people who livestream can say that about themselves so it's the best kind of livestream to watch

  2. Looking forward to it, Charles. I'll be listening forever. Much love to you.

  3. herion starfish is next level entry into charles hamilton


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