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Thursday, September 14, 2023

A Talented Update


You are...

The Talented..

...Mr. Hamilton!

SO much has been going on. I moved from a halfway house to temporary housing. I'm one step away from getting my own apartment! Leaving 649 (the halfway house) was bittersweet. I made some lifelong friends, and got AWESOME support from the staff. Before I left, DJ Enjetic sent me his black and gold Pioneer deck. It doesn't work for Serato (my new laptop is old by the turntable's standards), but it works like a JEWEL on VirtualDJ. 

Even better. I use VDJ for production.

I created a folder for all my new mixes, called Goldmember. You can check them out HERE.

Speaking of The Talented 1's production, I've been producing for Hamilton, Charles. The new penname for rapper Charles Hamilton. Without revealing too much, you can expect more production from me in the near future. Maybe a Jr. album. And C. Hamilton has been waiting FOREVER for some TTMH beats.

The future is a revelation.

"...and I won't stop abusin' it!"

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